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Versions and Compatibility

NEDE 1.0 was tested with Unity 2.6 running on Windows XP (SP2), an EyeLink 1000, and BioSemi and Sensorium EEG systems. We expect NEDE to be compatible with Windows Vista and later, Unity 2.6 or later, and EyeLink 1000 or later. The latest user-reported test indicates it is compatible with Unity Personal 5.1.03 on a 64-bit PC running Windows 7 (if the 64-bit DLL is used).

Unity environments can be designed on Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux. While Unity can deploy to many OS’s, our EyeLink wrapper DLL requires that the final experiment run on a Windows machine. (An EyeLink SDK now exists for Mac, but to make use of it you'll have to adapt the wrapper to produce a Mac dynamic library.) Unity system requirements can be seen here.