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  • This script runs each session. It is in charge of creating and destroying objects, starting and stopping the eyetracker and logger, and sending various object-related messages to the log and EEG (via the Logger/eyelink scripts). 
  • Loads all assets in the "Resources/<Category>" folders, for each category that's turned on. When a trial is started (through the variables reset and presentationType as set in GuiSpeed or in the LoaderScene), this script places an object in each of the locations designated by Location objects that are the children of Cubby objects. 
  • It then picks a random object and places it according to the category and object prevalences specified in the loader GUI. 

- Created ~5/2011 by DJ.
- Updated 9/13/12 by DJ for v7.0 - removed Moving and Popup presentationType functionality (for code simplicity).
- Updated 1/8/13 by DJ - Add GetScreenBounds_fast to every object (log approx positions w/o replay)
- Updated 11/22/13 by DJ - updated options, switched to GetScreenBounds_cubby, cleaned up code.