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  • This script identifies a rectangular bounding box around the object the script is attached to (in screen coordinates).
  • The coordinates of this bounding box can be accessed or written to a text file by other fns.
  • The box is used in analysis to detect which object a subject is looking at.
  • NOTE: This script assumes that the object is inside specifically designed cubbies (prefabs named "DoubleCubby") and that the environment only involves hallways in the x and z directions. We also assume that the subject does not go into these cubbies. These assumptions save computation time.

- Created ~5/2011 by DJ.
- Updated 3/13/12 by DJ - got rid of mainMesh
- Updated 9/13/12 by DJ for v7.0: removed Moving and Popup surpriseLevel functionality for code simplicity).
- Updated 1/8/13 by DJ (_fast): Get screen bounds without screenshots (less accurate, much faster)
- Updated 2/26/13 by DJ - raycast is transform.right, not transform.forward (since we rotated 90deg).
- Updated 11/22/13 by DJ - removed moving & popup support
- Updated 12/17/13 by DJ - Changed name to _cubby. Raycast -transform.up (to point at floor). Also cleanup, comments