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  • This script is in charge of "TSP Routes", in which the user can traverse a pre-determined set of waypoints to see images of interest. 
  • It is in charge of reading in the text file from the TSP route text file, creating and destroying objects, and dishing out variables to other scripts. 
  • When a certain object is called to be loaded, this script finds it by name in the "Resources/<categories[i]>" folders. 
  • Unlike an active or passive session (when PlaceAll is in charge), the eye tracker is not recording, and no edf file is produced. Instead, a .txt file can be produced with visibility data. 

- Created 2/15/13 by DJ based on ReplayTrial (now ReplaySession).
- Updated 2/25/13 by DJ - removed categoryState variable, overwrite GridHuge with MultiGrid, give all objects 90deg rotations to avoid upside-down images
- Updated 11/22/13 by DJ - read in categories from waypoint file, determine is3d automatically
- Updated 12/17/13 by DJ - removed legacy code for writing log, added comments