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  • This script is in charge of "Replays," in which the experimenter can view a pre-recorded session including the subject's eye position. 
  • It is in charge of reading in the text file from the pre-recorded session, creating and destroying objects, and dishing out variables to other scripts. 
  • When a certain object is called to be loaded, this script finds it by name in the "Resources/<Categories[i]>" folders. 
  • A .txt file is created that reports raycast-requiring (computationally expensive) events: i.e., when an object is visible and how much is occluded. 
  • Unlike an active or passive session (when PlaceAll is in charge), the eye tracker is not recording, and no edf file is produced. Instead, a .txt file can be produced with visibility data. 

- Created ~5/2011 by DJ.
- Updated 3/13/12 by DJ - got rid of mainMesh
- Updated 11/22/13 by DJ - allow dynamic category list, cleaned up & commented code - Updated 12/17/13 by DJ - switched to GetScreenBounds_cubby