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  • This script handles the loading GUI and all messages displayed to the subject. When the parameters have all been chosen, it loads the selected level and passes all the major variables to the proper scripts. 
  • In Level 0 ("LoaderScene"), this script should be attached to an empty GameObject (which we've called StartupObject). This object will not be destroyed when we switch levels, and so this script will retain the "official versions" of all the major variables. 
  • To switch levels, we must have the build settings set up properly. This means choosing File -> Build Settings and placing the available levels in the list. LoaderScene (in which this script appears) should be level 0 so it will appear on startup. 
  • This script passes variables from the GUI input to session-running scripts like PlaceAll. Those scripts will then pass on some of these variables to other scripts. 

- Created ~5/2011 by DJ
- Updated 1/8/13 by DJ - Added recordObjBox option (log approx positions w/o replay)
- Updated 11/20/13 by DJ - added many new controls and options.
- Updated 12/17/13 by DJ - comments.