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Installation and Setup

a. Hardware (intranet)
Three computers are required for proper NEDE functioning. Two should be connected on an intranet as described in the EyeLink documentation (find your model's installation guide here). The EyeLink Computer is the machine distributed with the eye tracker, and should have an IP address of Display Computer should have an IP address of It will run the Unity experiment and project it to the subject’s monitor. The EEG computer can run on any OS and only needs to be on the intranet if you want to exchange data during the experiment. For some setups, you may be able to run display and EEG on the same computer.

b. Software (Unity)
The Display computer should have Unity installed. The EEG computer should have the EEG recording software installed.
If you haven't already, download the EyeLink SDK and install it on your display computer.

c. Scripting (NEDE)
1. Download an unzip the latest NEDE starter kit.
2. Open Unity, choose File ->Open Project, and select your project to import it.
3. Download any NEDE environments and resources (stimuli) you want for your experiment and import them into your Unity project (by dragging them into the Unity editor). For each environment you add, download the corresponding route file and place it in the NedeConfig folder of your project.
4. Add the new environment to your build settings by clicking File -> Build Settings, then dragging your new scene into the window. Make sure that the "Startup" scene remains first on the list.
5. Open the "Startup" scene and press play to simulate the experiment.